How To Become A Mod Or Owner
100 XATS - 1 Month

500 XATS - 6 Months

1000 XATS - Permanant

500 XATS - 1 Month

10,000 XATS - 6 Months
30,000 XATS - Permanant


1. Once you purchase your moderator or owner power, there will be NO REFUNDS.
2. You must follow all moderator and owner guidelines, or you will lose your moderator or ownership abilities on the forum.
3. To purchase, you private chat Mmmham1 (main owner). MAKE SURE HE IS REAL.
4. Pay your XATs, and you will be made a moderator or owner (depending on your purchase choice).
5. You must have purchased the moderator option at least 1 time, and have had it for at least 1 day, to become an owner