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Club Penguin Cheats Guidelines & Exceptions

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!!!!!!!!!!! Club Penguin Cheats Guidelines & Exceptions

Post by DJ Ham on Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:41 pm

In this sub forum, there are some guidelines and exceptions I should inform you about. Here they are.

1. If you are posting a long guide, and it cannot fit in the post body, you may split it up into separate posts. (Yes, this means you can double post.) To a maximum of 3 times. However, when you double/triple post it must be an add on to your GUIDE, if it is not an add on to your guide and you just feel like posting, you will get a warning!

2. You may post anything here that has to do with spoilers or releases. Blog announcements, mission guides, pin finding guides, Rockhopper searching, etc.

3. You must still follow The Forum Rules

sm RulesThis is all you need to follow to have a good time here
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